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Faith Industries Pvt. Ltd JAS-ANZ / ISC
Welcome to Faith Industries Pvt. Ltd

We are a part of the FAITH Group of Companies based in Ahmedabad in Western India with a strong manufacturing base for PVC Stabilisers, PVC Lubricants and other Specialty Industrial Waxes besides other group divisions active in areas of Hot Melt Adhesives and Traffic Safety Systems in association with .

Internationally approved Quality of PVC Stabilisers, PVC Lubricants and Plasticizers with consistent exports to major consumers across Continents.

We have the R & D capabilities to design complex wax based products for any application and industry by close collaboration with the end user. We encourage special products development and can supply in small batch lots also.

A International Quality Management System Certified Company with ISO 9001:2008 Accreditation by JAS-ANZ / ISC Australia

PVC Lubricants PVC Stabilizers Waxes Hot Melt Adhesive Traffic Safety System
PVC Lubricants

India's largest selling brands for PVC lubrication Most recognised lubricant bands across countries

PVC Stabilizers

Wide range of Total One Pack and Individual PVC stabilizers are made with latest technology.


India's oldest wax manufacturing group with widest range of waxes for diverse application and industry. We also offer a unique facility for customisation of specification as per requirement and suitably.

Hot Melt Adhesives

One of the few companies in the world to have back ward integration of manufacturing of critical feedsocks to make Hot Melt Adhesives. Entire range of Thermal and Pressure Sensitive HMA available for various applications. Small lot delivery facility also available.

Traffic Safety System

Faith manufactures and takes turnkey contracts for supply and application/installation of various Traffic System Products across the nation for Highways, Railways and Urban areas.

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Harnessing the ability of wax molecules